PPG: Update for July 2023




Goudhurst Fete

A big thank-you to all those residents and visitors who supported our stall at the Fete on June 10th. It was a very successful day for the PPG with significant funds being raised from both the sale of produce/plants etc. and from the raffle. As always these will be available from the PPG to enhance the facilities and services at the Surgery. We also wish to express thanks to those individuals and local businesses who generously donated prizes for the raffle.


Car Parking at the Surgery

Once again we have to ask people not on Surgery business to refrain from parking at the Surgery while it is open (which now includes Saturdays). We emphasise that this is a PRIVATE CAR PARK for the use of patients and staff only. The PPG are in the process of organising more signage to emphasise this and other measures are under consideration.


Covid Boosters

The recent round of vaccinations has now been completed. Future programmes will be detailed as national policy for later in the year becomes known.


Accessing Information from the Surgery

In addition to regular updates such as this from the PPG, patients are reminded that information on services/changes etc. can also be found on the Surgery website and on the relevant Instagram and Facebook pages.